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“ShuttleControl was the single best find Nurse Chevrolet Cadillac discovered in 2019, it has totally changed the process of organizing shuttles. With our volume of service work our phones never stopped and we had to constantly communicate with our 3 shuttle drivers. Not anymore, ShuttleControl makes your life wonderful. Customer just texts for a shuttle, driver picks up the text and away they go! Do yourself a favor and get this product… you will not be disappointed.”

Dave Duggan, General Manager Nurse Chevrolet Cadillac

“ShuttleControl is an incredible service. It has streamlined our shuttle service and increased customer satisfaction exponentially. We have also started to use it for our new valet service and it has revolutionised how we do business. I would highly recommend this service to everyone. ”

Jared Catto, Service Manager Calgary Hyundai

“We have implemented ShuttleControl in all our H.Gregoire new car platform stores. This system is a win-win-win to all, and I recommend it to all dealers so they can be efficient and in control.”

Frank Bergon, VP Fixed Operations H.Gregoire

“The customer service and overall open-minded approach that the company has shown me has really impressed me. You really listen to your customers and it shows.”

Jeff Goalder, Fixed Operations Honda of Pasadena

“ShuttleControl makes our shuttle operations easy and lowers costs by pooling our shuttles across multiple dealer locations.”

Alain Charette, Fixed Operations Director Surgenor

“Makes organizing the shuttle so much easier. Everyone knows where the shuttle is.”

Duncan Heins, Service Manager Jim Tubman

“Great system. Thanks to this system, we have been able to reduce the number of trips.”

Eric Prince, Service Manager Gabriel Hyundai St-Jacques

“Since we have launched ShuttleControl at our dealership it has taken off with total appreciation from our customers for better tracking and time management. We have enjoyed the immediate precision and control in the tracking as well and the efficient organization of our shuttle drivers job and tasks and effective communication of all involved.”

Rod Stushnoe, Service Manager White Rock Dodge

“We have used ShuttleControl for many months now, the software is very user friendly and has made the scheduling of pick-ups and drop-offs, so much simpler. It has taken the guess work out of scheduling, unlike our previous scheduling system, or the paper we use to use, before that! We recommend this product, for any of your scheduling needs.”

Darryl Renner, Service Manager Regina Honda

“ShuttleControl has made the process of getting a shuttle easier for both customers and staff. It is easy, efficient, and transparent.”

Bruce Beacon, Service Manager Grand Prairie Nissan

“Prior to using ShuttleControl I had complaints about our “inefficient” shuttle service. Since using this service (6 months) I have been able to streamline our shuttle service and provide superior service to our clients. Our CSI has improved and no complaints about the shuttle service. I will not go back to the old way, our clients and staff deserve better. During the Covid-19 crisis I have been able to utilize this service for my valet service and it has been easy to implement. We did not have valet service before, now we are doing 15 per day with no issues. ShuttleControl makes it easy to manage our shuttle business.”

Trevor Tietz, Service Manager Myers GMC

“System is user-friendly and effective. Great to work with!”

Pierre Bergon, Service Manager H.Gregoire

“Excellent application. Very useful and makes life more simple.”

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